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Amen Dunes' new music video for "Splits Are Parted" visually pulsates

Sacred Bones Records signee Amen Dunes (aka Damon McMahon) has unveiled the visual equivalent for "Splits Are Parted". Since the 2014 release of Love, New York-based McMahon has spent a considerable amount of time on the road in support of the masterful album, one I believe to be a contender for my (personal) "Album of the Year". Existing alongside other notable tracks like "Lonely Richard", "Lilac In Hand" and "I Can't Dig It", "Splits Are Parted" stands out with its potential as a sonic counterpart to the visual medium.  

Directed both by Jesse Hlebo and McMahon himself, the visuals (at times) are simple yet equivocal, where the viewer manages to make out McMahon's head of hair or the swish of a woman's ponytail only through its silhouette. The video's focal point radiates with ambiguity, where one constantly experiences washes of colour, projection of light, and horizontal patterns.

As described by McMahon, "Splits Are Parted" is "a song about always leaving and always looking back". In reflection of that, this very video embodies this sense of circulation, one that goes in every which direction.


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