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Estiva & The Spacies give us "Voices" ahead of 'Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4' release with Juventa [Premiere]

Summer's end marks the beginning of a downtrend in music festivals, party closing season, and artists returning to the studio to prep for next year's warm weather. It's in this time that we see labels and artists appear with compilations that put on display their best talent, and many times, artists and singles to watch in the coming months. At times, these releases can be quite boring as they include tracks that have already been released - but Enhanced Recordings is doing it differently this time with the help of Dutch progressive and trance producers Estiva and Juventa mixing the forthcoming Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4. With an exciting amount of new releases (20 in total) than what we normally see on compilations like this, the whole two-disc experience will be out September 22 2014. And while Estiva has mixed three of these compilations, the second disc in this will welcome Juventa for the first time. You can preview the whole thing here.

To celebrate the release, we've got a first listen to one of the new tracks from the album entitled "Voices." It features Estiva's smooth production and vocals from The Spacies, it's not only a perfect introduction to Enhanced's sound as a label, but a perfect indication of what's to come along with the release. Uplifting, melodic and full of energy, check out "Voices" below.

Enhanced Sessions Vol. 4 Tracklist

01. Hokima – Kino (Original Mix)
02. Estiva & The Spacies – Voices (Estiva Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
03. Kago Pengchi – The Phantom (Original Mix)
04. Fon.Leman – Cerberus (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
05. Donati & Amato – Invincible (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
06. Chris Ramos feat Juvon Taylor - Just Wait For It (Original Mix)
07. Speed Limits & Jaco feat. Joni Fatora – Palm Of Your Hand (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
08. Estiva feat. Sarah Russell – Feels Right (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
09. Daniel Kandi feat. Sarah Russell – Change The World (Estiva Remix)
10. Estiva – Boxmeister (Original Mix)
11. Tritonal feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Satellite (Extended Mix)
12. Alex Klingle - Phase Shift (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
13. Tritonal - Anchor (Original Mix)
14. Kevin Charm - Sydneysider (Original Mix)
15. LTN feat. Christina Novelli - Feeling Like Yeah (Alexander Popov Remix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
16. Estiva – Shoesham (Original Mix)
17. Tritonal & Paris Blohm feat. Sterling Fox – Colors (Estiva vs. Juventa Remix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
18. Misha Kitone & K.S.Y. - Champions (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
19. Estiva - Let It Go (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
01. Juventa – NTRMZ (Original Mix)
02. Aruna – Start A Fire (Mr. FijiWiji Remix)
03. Chris Ramos & MC Flipside - What You Waiting For (Original Mix)
04. Kago Pengchi – Sinabro (Original Mix)
05. Cole Plante feat. Ruby O’Dell (with Myon & Shane 54) - If I Fall (Juventa Remix)
06. Wrechiski - Vice Chase (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
07. Juventa feat. Kelly Sweet – Superhuman (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
08. Juventa – Torque (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
09. Favright - Green Storm (Original Mix)
10. Suspect 44 – The End (Blend Pres. Volant Remix)
11. Tritonal feat. Phoebe Ryan - Now Or Never (Estiva vs. Juventa Remix)
12. BT feat. Christian Burns – Paralyzed (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
13. Speed Limits – Petrichor (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
14. Juventa – Woolloomooloo (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
15. Aerosoul & Yoel feat. Jenny Mayhem - Dreams Come True (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
16. Dyro – Black Smoke (Original Mix)
17. Tritonal vs. Mr. FijiWiji - Seraphic (Club Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
18. Juventa – SHWDWN (Original Mix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]
19. Tygris – Lyra (T-Mass Remix) [ALBUM EXCLUSIVE]




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