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Beyonce's "Flawless" woke up to a club flip from Mistermike [Download]

While "Flawless" won the hearts of the entire world upon its release (because everyone is a Beyonce fan), the track never quite had enough "umph" to be ready for the club atmosphere. Mistermike, a rising DJ/producer out of Los Angeles, will change the way you wake up if you put his latest remix on the speakers with breakfast.

With a club-thumping sound reminiscent of TNGHT, Mistermike's "Flawless" flip rocks a trap-heavy percussion and dominating synths that will own the dance floor and its participants. If you don't think you look so good tonight, give this track a whirl and you'll feel flawless. Check it out below, grab the free download, and be sure to follow Mistermike to keep an eye out for what this LA talent has in store for us. 

Beyonce ft. Nicki Minaj

"Flawless" (Mistermike Remix)

  • 9-Sep-14


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Trap


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