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Robs and Duke "Bring the Fire" and join the Enchufada family [Download]

Robs and Duke are a German duo that are leaving their mark on the Enchufada family with their new track "Bring the Fire," which, as the title promptly suggests, brings some serious heat.

Taking on the Jamaican Riddim sound and twisting it into something all their own, the duo highlights that while Germany is not known for their riddim or anything even close, they know how to bring some serious flavor to the music more popular in tropical parts of the world. 

The Upper Cuts series is really the perfect way for anyone trying to learn more about Global Club Music and the wonderful sub-genres that happen to fall in. Even if you aren't super interested in this area of music however, there is no way to deny the addicting nature of "Bring the Fire," and it'll definitely be interesting to see what both Enchufada and the duo have coming next. 



Robs and Duke

Bring the Fire

  • Enchufada
  • September 10, 2014


Dance · Tribal


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7 years ago

thanks guys for the cool write up