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Eytan Tobin creates a new EP 'For Everyone' to indulge in [Premiere + Download]

Eytan Tobin is a rising talent on the Toronto music scene, one who is about to make a serious move with his new EP. This musician acts as an unlimited source of creativity, since his sound seems to never stall in style. Finding inspiration in trip-hop, juke, footwork, and R&B, Eytan Tobin has begun to emerge as a new dancehall sensation. Today EARMILK has the honour of giving away his debut EP, For Everyone לכולם, which you can download for free here.

EP opener and easily the highlight of all four songs is "Spakiu Talks". The dreamlike structure and vocals are hypnotizing and grab your attention in an odd way that leaves you wanting to hear more. It's a luring track that acts as the perfect introduction into the full four track experience.     

Next on the four track work, is one of the most upbeat tracks from the EP, "STREAMS". The song starts sensual and dreamlike with a light beat that is layered into the structure. It moves right into a fast paced footwork scheme that takes off with intensity, yet never leaving the soothing mood.  

"Yung People" moves slowly along while keeping a pulsing beat and tweaked out tone. The washed out synths and eerie overall vibe make this track a perfect blend of dream trap. The song finishes on a strange note with a peculiar sample.  

To close the entire work, Eytan Tobin concludes with a captivating track titled "I STILL FEEL THE SAME". The melody starts simple, but turns into a whole array of colour as the song surges with production. When you're hit with the vocals, you'll feel a sudden wave of summer time synthesis roll over you. 



For everyone Eytan Tobin EP

Eytan Tobin

For Everyone לכולם

  • Rare Beef
  • 09/09/14
Ambient · Downtempo · Dreampop · Experimental · Trap


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