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Moon Bounce's "Fool" is the best "mutant pop" you'll hear all month

Philadelphia-based Corey Regensburg, otherwise known as Moon Bounce, has once again returned with another smashing single. Acting as a follow-up to "Shake", which was released back in February 2014, "Fool" is set to drop officially on September 30 via Grind Select alongside another track called "Echo Back". The two tracks will be available digitally and via limited edition scratch-off lottery cards.

Known as the self-proclaimed "warped electronic maestro", Moon Bounce heavy handedly takes cues from classic R&B and hip-hop, infusing his electro touch onto each and every note. "Fool" is intentionally off-kilter, feeling loosely produced while simultaneously remaining precise and intricate. Sounds almost impossible to accomplish, but it looks as though Moon Bounce has it down to a science. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/162762047"]

Electro · Electro Pop · Electronic · Pop


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Moon Bounce
6 years ago

much love, y'all!