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Listen to Pretty Pink's new release "Hey Girl"

While it's late over here in NYC on a Sunday night, it might be your Monday morning across the world. So on that note, let's all kick off the week with Pretty Pink's latest release "Hey Girl". Featuring retro-fied vocals from Ian Late, you know those vocals that sound timeless and could go through space and time and still leave the soul feeling good? Yeah those.

A love ballad about hopeless love and being head over heels for that one special person. I guess something we all can say we've felt at one point in time or how about right now? Well regardless or your personal love life, give this one a spin and see if you can relate or if you just want another expression of love to add to your playlist. Ready, set, go!


Dance · Electronic


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6 years ago

What is the name of the girl in the video?