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Jon Waltz teams up with Allan Kingdom to tell us about "Victoria" [Premiere]

Jon Waltz is back at it again with his newest release “Victoria”— a reboot of a previously released track about a captivating girl who peaked Waltz’s interest. This time around Waltz recruits the talents of eccentric St. Paul-based rapper Allan Kingdom who lays down a quirky, romantic verse about an enticing hard-to-get girl that sets the tone for the entirety of the track. Waltz expands more on his feelings for this certain Victoria on the hook as he sings, “Are you free? /Are you lonely? /You should come with me/Cause’ you can see I want it/But baby you with me/You know I want you, you know I want you/I’ve been on you so long”. Waltz’s lyrics are extremely relatable seeing that everyone at some point in their life has had a complicated relationship with a girl. For Jon that girl is Victoria; a beautiful, dynamic girl with a certain level of emotional depth that Waltz connects and battles with.

With “Victoria,” Jon Waltz injects his own personal circumstances into a love song for all to hear, a feat that is indicative of Waltz’s maturation as an artist. It’s a special circumstance when an artist pours his feelings out for the listener to hear and the listener connects with the artist feelings and applies it their own life; I know I did. So take a listen to Jon Waltz and Allan Kingdom’s track below and soothe your feelings on that Victoria-esque girl of the past. 



Jon Waltz feat. Allan Kingdom


  • 2014-09-05
Exclusive · Hip-Hop · Lounge · Rap


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@ALLANKNGDM check ur coding.