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Arston helps ring in new era for Armada Music with the release of "Circle Track"

Armada Music recently launched a rebranding of itself and a few sub brands to help clarify and focus its output. Now called Armada Captivating, its sub brand Trice Recordings is also now known as Armada Trice, further solidifying the conscious A&R talent that the label boasts. With the new launch in full effect, Armada Trice has welcomed Belarusian producer Arston to kick off the new proceedings with "Circle Track." Featuring the vocals of Jake Reese, "Circle Track" is an emulation of what Trice is all about: big room, in your face melody. While there are progressive house labels out there that focus on this, Trice (and now Armada Trice) are above the bar in the appeal and uniqueness of what they put out there, with Arston leading the way. Check out the track below.



"Circle Track" (Feat. Jack Reese)

  • Armada Trice
  • ARTR001


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