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DIEMON's producer-on-the-mic Russ excels on new project 'How To Rob'

Since the age of seventeen, Russ has delivered 10 quality albums worth of original material displaying both his superior beat-making abilities and quick-witted lyricism.

Still not getting the recognition he feels he deserves, the DIEMON producer-on-the-mic is changing it up with the release of his latest project, How To Rob, in which the [currently] Atlanta-based emcee spits strictly over one-time iconic instrumentals. Overall, it's an interesting tactic many would criticize (because of the lack of "original" material). But Russ executes it well, instead displaying that he can take what has already been created and make it his own.

The rapper/singer/producer gives his take on beats from Drake, 50 Cent, Tupac, Jay Z, Kanye West, and more. Hip hop is missing the raw energy that Russ brings, so hopefully his next project reverts back to the content that made me become a fan of him in the first place.

Take a listen and download Russ' full mixtape here.

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