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FaltyDL's "New Haven" gets a quirky music video

A few weeks back Falty DL released a new LP, In the Wild, through Ninja Tune.  It's one of the most unique albums in recent memory, defying any kind of classification as a whole.  Now the producer has revealed a music video for the strange, robotic track "New Haven."

The video follows two women as they carry out their weird, identical morning routines.  After exhaling animated breath they sit up in bed, look at their hands for some reason, and go for a jog, where choppy editing, colored lights, and surprise drone shots are used.  The video's pairing of quick pace and odd imagery is perfect for this weird little misfit of a song, revealing the bizarre nature of even the most banal moments of life.




"New Haven" [Video]

  • Ninja Tune



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