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Youthquaker releases Torrent bundle for three new tracks [Download]

Illangelo has been blowing my mind with how amazing his instrumentals are. Dark, sexy, disturbed, and emotional, the producer first made waves working with The Weeknd, and then moved on to one of my personal favorite labels Bromance Records, which has been home to ominous electronic music, fitting for the Toronto-based producer. 

He has teamed up with Phlo Finister to form Youthquaker, and although we haven't seen too much work come out yet, we've finally got a couple of new tracks to see what the two have been up to. 

According to the Bittorrent page, "Youthquake was a term coined by Vogue’s Diana Vreeland; shorthand for the social disruption of the 60s." With this in mind, the tracks feel nostalgic and modern, and a perfect definition of social disruption. Illangelo always knows how to make waves with his sounds, and with Phlo Finister by his side, the two seem impossible. 


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6 years ago

Beautiful write up...Thank you! @ILLANGELO