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Kiely Rich takes Dawin's tune and redefines "Just Girly Things" [Premiere]

Today, we have a remix that is going to drop booties and keep them bouncing on the dance floor. Kiely Rich concocts an infectious beat around Dawin’s voice chiming, “Live it up, live it up…don’t let nobody bring you down…” You would not expect this kind of low and heavy bass from a track titled “Just Girly Things.” Also, you might be surprised to find out that Kiely Rich comes to us from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

There has been so much attention around Montreal and Sydney these days, and rightly so, seeing the onslaught of producers coming from there, but this serves as a good reminder to keep those ears alert and open to sounds everywhere. Kiely Rich is not just your average producer, but a multi-talented instrumentalist as well. Be sure to scope the rest of his catalogue and look out for Dawin’s forthcoming EP Just Girly Things, dropping September 9th via Casablanca Records. 




"Just Girly Things" (Kiely Rich Remix)

Bass · Dance · Electronic · Exclusive


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