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Logic whips up "Driving Ms. Daisy" featuring Childish Gambino

I say "whips up" because today marks a new and exciting path for Logic. Previously, I had heard tracks off of his various Young Sinatra mixtapes, scouring far and wide to find self-produced jams. There were none that jumped out at me, but I remember hearing him say a line "I even made this beat myself, just so y'all can feel it..." That's the kind of lyricism that gives me the chills.

It's been a minute since we last dove into Logic productions, but today we are generously gifted a "duet" by the name of "Driving Ms. Daisy", featuring none other than Childish Gambino (otherwise known as 30 Rock writer Donald Glover). The song begins with Logic laying down a few lines about how hectic life truly is now, transitioning into Gambino's speculation of the future. It's been a hell of a ride in 2013-2014 for both the boys, and it's refreshing to hear such an expressive track for once- this year.

"I was actually on my headlining tour when I produced and wrote this record in one sitting," Logic tells Billboard. "I was deathly sick and dealing with a lot of problems, not personal so much as business and getting the album ready. I decided to put it on a song, and the fact [that] I produced it made it feel more honest to me. I gave the listener every aspect of my mind on this matter."

Check out "Driving Ms. Daisy" now and gear up for Logic's next big project, out hopefully soon.



Logic feat. Childish Gambino

"Driving Ms. Daisy"

  • Visionary Music Group
  • August 27


Hip-Hop · Rap


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