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Matthew Dear is ready to "Drop Science" on you [Download]

Matthew Dear has teamed up with GE to create a Bittorrent/free download for his track "Drop Science." The song was created sampling the whirring machines at the Niskayuna facility, and what results is an experimental track that encapsulates the brilliance of the Texas/Detroit producer. 

Starting off mellow and increasing in dramatics throughout the 3 minute song, the song carefully blends these samples into a bizarre, yet stunning piece, that absorbs its listeners to another (much more industrial) dimension. There's definitely an element of Audion, his dance-producing alter-ego, here, and what results is an experimental combination that combines both Matthew Dear with his more danceable other half. 

Check out the track below, and download the torrent here. The DL will also include the samples for those producers out there that want to take a stab at creating a track for themselves. 

Dance · Dub · Electronic · Experimental · Post-dubstep · Techno


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