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Geotheory and Ramzoid take the wheel in "Mind Control"

Spacey future (将来) beats are no longer a figment of potential theory. Though the word might be getting a bit tired, the music is far from becoming worn out. Poignant yet uplifting melodies paired with varying time signatures and enough reverb to lose a small horse, futuristic style is here to stay a while. As of right now, we come to you live with a new tune off Geotheory's highly anticipated album (well, we highly anticipate it. Can't speak for others, though we assume they will agree), Futuristic Style.

Without labeling the tune with pigeonholing words, grab a listen to Geotheory's collaboration with Ramzoid titled "Mind Control" and feel the feels of a thousand futuristic feelings.

Bass · Experimental · Future Beat


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