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That Girl With Dark Eyes rides love out on "Balloon"

There are many different versions of love, love in private, love in public and the love that you ultimately have to either let go or perhaps just ride out. Barcelona based artist That Girl With Dark Eyes, Tiffany Garrett Sotomayor, exclusively premiered new single “Balloon” in Interview magazine and said of the track on the site, “I wanted it to feel modern, like an addition to the Drive soundtrack.” If Sotomayor was intending to emulate the movie, she hit on the themes of loneliness and isolation all set to an upbeat almost 80's electro theme.

Produced Stanley Gabriel, whose masterminded creations by the likes of Ladyhawke and Kate Bush the track capitalizes on her now distinctive blend of both old and new electronic sounds, some vintage styled ambience with uber catchy hooks that take it into the modern realm. The symbolism of the balloon used throughout the track is particularly intriguing and deepens the otherwise light-hearted sounds.

On the balloon metaphor Sotomayor said, “There’s the celebratory side, the one we associate with parties and happiness. Then there’s the romantic and dreamy part, like when someone fills your bedroom with balloons. Finally, the freedom and anticipation of watching them drift into the sky.”


Ambient · Electro


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