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Say "OOO AAA" for the latest track from CATHEDRALS

The San Francisco duo, CATHEDRALS (consisting of Johnny Hwin and Brodie Jenkins) has just dropped their newest indie-electro track "OOO AAA", and you won't be able to help but howl along to it! The female vocals from Jenkins are filthy rich and they become even more sumptuous with the accompanying supporting vocals from Hwinn. 

The duo has been explosive since their very first release with this project. Each of their three releases has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays on SoundCloud alone, and "OOO AAA" should be just as successful, if not more! The gorgeous track reaches into my soul and takes a firm hold as it takes me along for the journey, even evoking raw emotions. Have a listen to this track below and make sure to keep on eye on this duo - they're going places!


Electro Pop · Electronic · Indie · Pop


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