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Jon Bellion keeps his new video "Simple and Sweet"

Jon Bellion is back again with the second single off his third studio album entitled "Simple and Sweet". The self-produced song touches on the simplicity Bellion sees in his lover's beauty, with a complete flip on the outro that signifies what makes Jon who he is as an artist.

I wanted to create something comforting and soothing. Something opposite of where we are sonically in music right now. A big bowl of Imogen Heap and Phil Collins-esque ingredients with a Jon Bellion backbone. A brain massage with a gangster-ass outro.

Bellion has lent his songwriting skills to music giants such as Eminem and Rihanna ("Monster") and Jason Derulo ("Trumpets") over the past 12 months, but The Definition (which is slated to drop on September 23rd) aims to be the commercial breakout record he so sincerely deserves. Check out the video and its coupled behind-the-scenes footage for the goods.

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