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Sudie's "Asiasaurus" is weird but instantly likeable

First off, I have to begin with the fact that the soundcloud comments on here for this track were relatively average until I saw someone refer to this song as ratchet, which quickly showed me that some people in the English speaking world still seemed to have a tenuous grasp on the word.

Anyways, besides the comment, Sudie's "Asiasaurus" is not ratchet, but rather a song that brilliantly showcases the eclectic nature of the young Sudie, that's bizarre and strange, and all similar words I can find in the thesaurus. It's echo-y nature feels very DMT-ish, and the whole thing takes a little while to get used to. It's good nonetheless and definitely worth a play. Production is by Ted Powell, so props to him there.

Check out the track below! 





Chillstep · Eclectic · Electronic


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  • my favorite write-up so far

    Sudie August 19, 2014 3:55 PM Reply

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