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Tom Scary sets us on fire with Jane Tyrrell "Wild Waters" remix [Premiere]

Tom Scary has released his new remix of Jane Tyrrell’s “Wild Waters,” exclusively on our site today and the results are just chilling. Otherwise known as Australian based producer Tom Iansek created the moniker recently and it is the initial track to be released under this name, along with other musical endeavors Big Scary and solo project #1 Dads as part of the Pieater artist collective. Her haunted vocals, smoky but understated add to the minimalism aspect retained in the Scary rework. His addition of melodic snaps and distant rings draw the listener into this hypnotic track, with exactly the right amount of reverb on her voice. This subtle draw out of her vocals is perhaps the defining feature of the remix, and it almost felt as if I were listening to a ghost that music had set on fire.

Electronic · Exclusive · Minimal


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