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Kirby Kaiser sees love as an island on "Hawaii" [Premiere]


Brooklyn based starlet Kirby Kaiser has released her retro styled track “Hawaii” exclusively on our site today and to my surprise it is vastly different from what I usually review. A veritable throwback, she draws inspiration from oldies crooners the Shangri-Las and Shirelles reminiscent of other sentimental diva’s from the mid-2000s. And she is nothing but sugar sweet, with an edge to her bubbly doo-wop arrangements filled with forlorn tales of more modern topics such as “friends with benefits” to more light-hearted tunes on teenage love. Her melancholy and decidedly hazy vocals project that peripheral aspect as she compares love to an island on dream-filled track “Hawaii.” With a debut LP slated to be released later this year, we believe that Kirby Kaiser will continue to croon far beyond her years while still retaining her youth during her time in the music industry.

As Interview Magazine stated, “The young singer’s (figurative and literal) voice captures the soulfulness of an intense singer-songwriter underneath her friendly, oftentimes melancholic doo-wop framework, making Kirby a unique, enchanting artist with a niche all her own.”


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