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Danny Brown stars in lyric video for Rustie's "Attak"

Scottish future bass wunderkind Rustie (born Russell Whyte) recently announced his sophomore album, Green Language, which will drop August 25 via Warp.  So far we've been given "Raptor" and the Danny Brown-featuring "Attak," the pair’s second collaboration since Rustie produced “Break It (Go)” for Brown last year.

 Now “Attak” has been given an accompanying video complete with read-along lyrics, which from Danny aren’t typically something you’d want to miss.  But while the words start out clear and legible, as Rustie's scintillating beat gains momentum they begin to swirl by at high speed, becoming block-like and Hulk green. Danny dances spastically in the background, daring you to take your eyes off the words long enough to catch one of his famous scrunched-up faces. Watch below:




"Attak" ft. Danny Brown [Video]

  • Warp
  • 08/25/14
Bass · Hip-Hop · Music Videos


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