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John Monkman takes us to the "Open Frontier"

London based John Monkman teams up with collaborator Liz Cass to make his Anjunadeep debut with “Open Frontier.” A single listen leaves us wondering what took so long for him to join the venerated label's ranks, as this track is a necessity for anyone who loves the characteristic Anjunadeep sound. Liz Cass’s effortless, yet heavy, vocals seem to float over even heavier melodies. There is a depth here that is impossible to fake; the emotion is palpable. The careful and sparing use of bass has a powerful effect, captivating the listener while not inundating with unnecessary sounds. There is nothing extra here, not even the use of the vocoder, and all of this leads to a somber, soothing “Open Frontier” that will keep you transfixed, wishing that it would continue for hours. You can catch John Monkman at the Sunset Festival August 16th in Brazil. 


New Frontier

John Monkman feat. Liz Cass

Open Frontier

  • Anjunadeep
  • August 18th, 2014
Dance · Deep House


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