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Acre Tarn lift off with "Wishing Bone" [Premiere]

Experimental pop has never flowed quite as smoothly as in the music from the UK duo Acre Tarn. Just beginning what is sure to be an expansive journey through a morphing genre, Acre Tarn are a duo who intertwine their ideas into a whicker basket of sound. Allowing everything to come together to form a sound that is at times both open and surrounding, Acre have so far released one widely acclaimed song in "This Once". With plans to release their debut EP, Clasp & Shake, later this year, we bring you the premiere of the equally as captivating "Wishing Bone".

Beginning with an arched underlying melody, "Wishing Bone" quickly begins to float away. While progressing, the vocals begin to branch out, working with a hollowed bass to add density that weighs the elevating elements down to an even plane. As a whole, the eccentric vocals take the spotlight, where the mellow soundscapes guide the verses through their course.

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Keep an eye out for Acre Tarn's Clasp & Shake EP for more experimentally infused pop.

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