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Crowds will "Scream" to the latest from JayCeeOh, Ruen, & Mister Gray [Download]

LA's DJ/producer and vinyl virtuoso JayCeeOh is propelling his career forward with the launch of his very own record label, Super 7 Records. Since coming onto the scene in mid-2013, JayCeeOh has been building a festival-infused brand that will continue to grow with the debut of his latest venture. Premiering his label's repertoire is a single from himself, Ruen, and Mister Gray that is destined to set a crowd off. "Scream" is house/trap hybrid that holds the dance floor's attention with a driving beat and addicting chant samples. Flipping back and forth between house and trap drops, your body won't get bored popping and locking to this record. "Scream" is an excellent debut for any dance label, and this one has us eagerly awaiting what's next from Super 7. Grab a free download via the Soundcloud link below.


JayCeeOh, Ruen, & Mister Gray


  • Super 7 Records
  • 4-Aug-14
Bass · Dance · Electronic · Progressive · Trap


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