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Submerse's "Approaching Ends" gives mixed signals [Video]

Submerse  (Rob Orme) is an English beatsmith residing in London. He is currently riding the beat making wave full force with his forward thinking and progressive style of hip-hip. Submerse has been laying lay for quite a while, occasionally releasing remixes and singles here and there. But we know better than to forget about his presence. Besides, he is part of the impressive roster and iconic image of Berlin/London label called Project: Mooncircle. The mere mention of PMC alone should set off bells among those who are deep within the underground beat scene. 

With his debut album recently dropped called Slow Waves comes a music video to complement "Approaching Ends", a tune off of that particular album. The song itself is a mellow smoothie. Submerse takes a minimalistic approach, only adding effects and sounds that deem necessary to convey that dreamy soundscape. Even with the vocal samples that make the track feel sensual, he adds tensions towards the half-way point with a slight ambient droning. 

The video is pretty much in sync with "Approaching Ends", though admittedly it takes an unexpected dark twist after the first half. A man in agony, subtle conveyance of alcoholism, and suicidal ideation reeks among the walls and the floor. Of course, we weren't expecting this at all since the beginning takes off in what seems like a glorious morning of an intense after party.  


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