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LA favorite Spazzkid has a 'Promise' playlist and Interview

Spazzkid's happy go lucky feel has become more and more developed throughout his various EP releases, and in his newest EP Promise, it's become abundantly clear that this producer is one that we should definitely be keeping an eye out on. He's opened for the likes of Ryan Hemsworth this year, but that is literally only the tip of the iceberg in the list of accomplishments he has had this year. 

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With this amazing producer finally getting some of the recognition he needs, he's released an amazing EP and gone on tour, as well as had his own show with Daedelus at the famous Echoplex in Los Angeles, pretty much the quintessential performing place for any Los Angeles musician. 

Today we are a little more than blessed, at least music wise. He's created an amazing playlist for us at EARMILK, one that resonates with his recent East Coast tour as it is a lot of the tracks he played during his run. 

Similar to his music, his smile and personality in real life radiates, and he's as warm as his music is beautiful. While we weren't able to meet for this interview face-to-face, the encounter I have had with Redito were pleasant, as he brings an aura with him that's simply put, embracing. We managed to snag some time to ask some questions to the musician, born Mark Redito, and we've got it all down for you guys. 

Check out the amazing artist's words below!

EARMILK: Hey Spazzkid, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions! First off, you’ve had quite a year. Multiple shows at the famous Echoplex as well as a full-length tour! Have you got any memorable moments from your amazing 2014 that have stood out?
Spazzkid: I think one of the memorable ones was meeting Daedelus (Alfred Darlington) this year. He has been my hero for the longest time and I feel very grateful for his interest and support in my music. That kind of thing doesn’t happen very often, so it’s something that I won’t forget in my lifetime.
Second to that moment was the time I opened for Ryan Hemsworth at the Echoplex. The crowd was lovely and positive and everyone seemed like they were having a genuinely fun time during my set. Also, before I forget, the release party at Los Globos was off the chain. It was truly a beautiful time!
EM: Are there any lessons you’ve learned while out on tour that you think other young producers or traveling DJ’s should also know?
SK: Playing and writing music as a career choice is definitely a blessing never to be taken for granted. There are times when you don't feel like playing in front of the crowd some nights because you're so tired. But I would be crazy to forget that not everyone has the privilege of doing this. I guess the bottomline is that whether its an off-night or you're just too tired from traveling, give 100% to your performance and craft.
EM: Let’s talk about Promise, your newest EP. Would you say it’s a continuation from Desire? This EP feels like it has a bit more of a J-pop feel along the lines of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
SK: In a way its a continuation, obviously stating the fact that it’s from the same creator. It comes from the same place: love, longing, heartbreak but with more emphasis in arrangements that make people move. (I am reclaiming the term EDM and make it stand for "Emo Dance Music." haha)
Desire had some danceable moments, but I wanted to focus more of that in Promise. Also, in consideration of live performances, I love seeing people dance so that kind of affected the mood for this EP. And yes I'm a big fan of KPP (I am definitely a big fan of Yasutaka Nakata who produces KPP, Perfume, MEG and Capsule -- all big names in J-Pop).
EM: You inspire a lot of dreamers out there, but who inspires you?  What were your goals with the EP, and where do you think this will take you next?
SK: Thank you! Talented Asian-Americans who are killing the game are very inspiring to me (Tokimonsta, Free The Robots, Esta, Steve Aoki, Giraffage, Blackbird Blackbird to name a few). Being Asian-American myself, I know there isn’t a lot of Asian-american representation going on in the US media right now (more so in music). But it's encouraging to see that despite cultural and racial struggles, good musical talent still comes through.
My goal for Promise is to first and foremost make people move while singing about things that they can relate to. At this point I don't know where this would all lead me but I'm very much open. One thing I do know for sure is that I hope to share my music (both live and recorded iterations of it) far and wide.
EM: What are your essentials in the studio? How about when you perform?
SK: Coffee, first and foremost. I drink a lot of it when I'm working in my studio. My studio setup is very simple: A macbook pro with Logic and Ableton installed, KRK5 Monitor Speakers, headphones, M-audio Oxygen 8 midi keyboard, A samson USB mic and a shure sm58 dynamic mic. I also have a bunch of random toy keyboards and percussions (which made many appearances on Desire).
While performing I use my 6 year old Macbook white, a soundcard that has seen better days and an AKAI MPD32 that's falling apart. I am very worried that my live gear would break down while playing but in a weird way I find that thrilling. Each set that’s successful becomes special to me. Haha.
EM: One thing I’ve really enjoyed is how you’ve got great videos that accompany some of your tracks. How have some of these come about? A lot of them are based in Japan, how much has Asia influenced you in your music? I ask because I think for a little while countries like Japan and the Philippines don’t always get the credit they should, although it seems to be slowly changing. 
SK: Thank you! My friend and talented film-maker Czar Campos made the “40 Winks” video. He visits japan a lot and proposed the MV idea to me which I instantly loved. The video also features the lovely and emerging DJ, Licaxxx (aka Rika Hirota). I'm very happy to have a video that features such talented people.
Before "40 Winks" I made my own video accompaniments for my songs via found footage. I found myself leaning towards older japanese commercials and movies back then too. I grew up with a lot of Japanese pop culture through anime and super sentai shows, so it was natural for me to be inclined to that kind of aesthetic. Growing up in Manila and moving to the states has also made me hyper aware and proud of my heritage that I tend to embrace most things Asian and Asian-american. Needless to say, being Asian/Asian-American has had a big influence in the way I see the world and the way I pursue my craft.
EM: Anything cool coming up for you in the second half of 2014 you’d like your fans to know about?
SK: There's going to be more touring with artists that I adore (TBA real soon). I’m looking forward to sharing my music and meeting you all again IRL! There are going to be singles and remixes dropping here and there too. Another full length in construction although still in the backbone stages. A lot more collaborations with visual artists. Super excited for what’s ahead!

Thanks Spazzkid! Make sure to check out his Bandcamp page to snag Promise!

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