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William Bolton will have you humming "Make You Mine" all day

Although it's become quite the cliche for writers to double as Nostradamus-esque figures and proclaim that "Artist/DJ XYZ is up next,"-- if you think otherwise, educate yourself with some Nassim Nicholas Taleb-- I have a really good feeling that William Bolton is about to make some serious power moves. After working with all-around genius Ryan Leslie, Will's mix of music and business savvy has put him in a position for crazy growth.

 Under his Times New Roman producer moniker, "Make You Mine" has Will showing off his penchant for a certain lady who lives above him while giving us a taste of Summer Breeze, his upcoming album which drops on August 20th. I'm not much of a radio guy, but I'd love to hear more music like this as opposed to the same 5-6 tracks that gets played on an hourly basis. We could always use more Motown influences with our music and "Make You Mine" is a step in the right direction, regardless if you're strictly a hip hop head or a devoted radio fan.  Give it a listen down below and check out Will's Soundcloud page if you aren't already following it.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/158887257"]


Hip-Hop · Pop · Soul


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