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HARD Summer 2014: Head to toe perfection

While LA will never cease its love of Skrillex, Diplo, Dillon Francis, and other big name electronic acts, the truth is that a part of what makes Hard Summer so special, this year in Whittier, California, is its diverse range of acts that attract fans of various different electronic scenes.

From Cashmere Cat to TWRK to Brodinski, the acts are from every corner of the globe and highlight that electronic music isn't made just for underage ravers with a lot of kandi. While we'll more than be excited at seeing the big names- Martin Garrix, Disclosure, Clockwork- we've got 5 acts beyond the mainstage that we're really dying to see. 

5. Louisahhh!!!


I have to start off this list with my girl Louisahhh!!!, who's a bit of a longtime LA/NYC underground STAR. Back in the day, she used to hang out with Gina Turner as an all-time badass duo , and ruled the LA dance scene. Originally from NYC, she's now living in Paris and reppin' as the American girl that's dominating French techno. She's part of Bromance now, and she's kicking ass in a sea of talent the likes of Club Cheval, Monsieur Monsieur, and labelhead Brodinski. Can't wait to catch her back in one of her old home cities. Get dark and sexy with Louisahhh!!! on Saturday. 

 4. Djemba Djemba


No proper LA festival would feel right without the beat scene getting its respect. Last year the almighty Flying Lotus/Captain Murphy graced the night and this year, Mad Decent/ Team Supreme member Djemba Djemba will be showing how his crew parties. If his boiler room is any indication, we're definitely in for a mad session come time for his set at Hard Summer.

Also, if you're feeling sad, and want to hear music just as sad, check out that track below.

3. Juan Maclean


You Guys, MUTHA EFFIN JUAN MACLEAN IS COMING. DFA Records hasn’t had much presence in Hard Summer since 2011, when they held their own tent for a night, but the man himself is ready to bring nu-disco vibes back and I for one, am super excited. Maclean, often accompanied by former LCD-Soundsystem member Nancy Whang, are people I’ve been listening to since high school, blasting them in the suburban streets of my hometown. The guys at DFA are beyond talented, and Maclean is no different. Although I’d prefer my NYC dance music in a small dingy club filled with cigarettes and hipster beer, Hard Summer isn’t a bad place to catch him.

2. Wave Racer


Australia is killing it in the electronic scene right now, and none displays this more eloquently than Wave Racer, the arpeggio loving, eight-bit embracing producer from down under. Featuring happy music that'll keep you on your toes, this producer has got to be one person we collectively at EARMILK have been super excited about, so finally getting to see him will be a treat.

1. Cory Enemy


Cory Enemy killed it at last year's Hard Summer so I can't wait to see what he's up to this year. He's sort of a large part of what's great about the LA dance scene in general- ratchet to the right extent, ready to have a good time, but he's missing a lot of the hipster pretentious-ness that can loom over the dance scene with everyone talking about their favorite DJs and producers like its some kind of status thing. The entertainment world of Los Angeles has got a lot of faults by far, but Cory Enemy isn't one of them. He's always bringing good vibes, so seeing him again on stage is one thing I can't wait for.


Hard Summer is completely sold out, so kudos to Destructo and co for making this once small festival into one of the most anticipated summer events. For those planning on going this weekend, bring some some sunscreen, empty bottles for water, some cash for merch, and see you in Whittier bright and early! 

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