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Listen to Carmack's five fresh tracks before they're lost forever [Download]

Whenever Mr. Carmack teases his fans with new music, only part of the blogosphere notices because it's only available for a short period of time. So if you see a download from Mr. Carmack, grab it while it's there and still hot. Whether it be minute clips or free downloads of full lengths songs, this Honolulu-native always keeps us guessing with what is coming next. Today Mr. Carmack has released six new partial songs and a few fully completed. Listen to the full pack below. 

"Throw Your Chains Off" sounds like classic Carmack with mellow tones, yet a heavy beat drags you around and around. It's hypnotizing and melodic at the same time. 

"Chill n with girlfriend" is easily one of the most pop songs Carmack has ever done and it is done perfectly. Using an unknown vocalist and a brilliant placement of cowbells, he creates a dance floor seller.  

By far one of the best treats uploaded today and free for who knows how long is "this morning was funny". It's trapped out and on that perfect Carmack tempo that he has seemed to master so perfectly. At just under two minutes long, you're left with a ground shaking song that you wish could have doubled in length. Grab this as a free download while that option is still available. 

"Then They Talk" is a collab with rapper, Jalen. The track is melodically dark with booming bass that drifts along slowly, as Jalen's verse is quickly spitted over top. Yet, with the two tempos, this track still seems to flow smoothly. 

"Terra Instro" comes over energetic, but is probably the least impressive of all the tracks as it sounds almost as an unfinished project. You can still hear signature sounds of Carmack, which give this song some extra style. 

Chillwave · Easy Listening · Lounge · Trap


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