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RETRO goes to LA for Tupac inspired "How U Want It" [Video]

Last time we featured RETRO's work on EARMILK he reminded us why rap and pianos are up there with Kanye West and sparkly masks when it comes to successful hip hop odd couples. Like he did with “1946”, a minimal vintage effort, RETRO has combined elements of the past, present and future in his latest release, “How U Want It”. All comparisons with Tupac’s “How Do U Want It” are welcomed by samples of Makaveli himself from the offset as the stuttering beat kicks in for this LA track.

The crisp visuals for this new effort were shot from Venice Beach to Compton, RETRO comparing the blocks to those incorporated into Grand Theft Auto San Andreas – “I was on the corner shooting the video, I got on all red, and in the midst of dancing and entertaining, this guy that looked just like CJ came down the street on a motorcycle and he just stared at me the whole time. I knew that it was time to go when it started looking like there was a swap meet about to go down." With a consistently dope stream of fresh music that’s creative on every level flowing, there’s no denying that RETRO is on a crazy hot streak right now as he prepares to drop The Six, his second mixtape, which should be expected to surface this summer. See if you can spot CJ and watch “How U Want It” below.

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