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Pablo Nouvelle drops "Finding You" with Lulu James [Premiere]

Swiss producer Pablo Nouvelle just wooed the hell out of my eardrums with the help of UK based vocalist Lulu James. Nouvelle, aka Fabio Friedli, studied architecture before transitioning his focus to music production several years back, even producing several films that have received awards at global film festivals. So, I think it is safe to say that he is in touch with his creative side.

When I first listened to "Finding You", I knew something great was about to pour out of my speakers. And it was like the first time dipping your toes into the ocean water. The intro washes over you, gently pulling you in, the sand swirling up around your feet. Then Lulu James' vocals kick in and you can't help but jump headfirst into the waves. James' soulful vocals are the perfect match for these melancholy beats and pitter patters.

In collaboration with Black Butter Records, this song drops today, and we've got your first listen right here. You'll need to have this on hand for a chill day, so go dive right into this beautifully constructed track below and show Pablo and Lulu some love.




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