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Vince Watson reconstructs Matthias Vogt's "Maintain" into a b-side gem [Premiere]

Frankfurt-based producer, Matthias Vogt, has worked up quite the reputation as a respected jazz pianist, DJ, and producer since the nineties. With such multeity in musical tastes, it comes to no surprise that for the last two decades Vogt's managed to produce electronic music with a structure that demonstrates an at-will smoothness to swing back-and-forth through musical arrangements freely. With releases already rung for TENG, Lazy Days, Polytone Recordings, and Saw, Vogt returns to Frankfurt's Polytone for a third time.

Maintain marks the label's 11th official release sounding off a signature Matthias Vogt appeal with bouncy modulations, lively stabs, and an all-around mildly abrasive mood. The b-side is made up by two Bleak and Vince Watson  remixes that restructure the track in two completely different ways. As Bleak pushes for heavy kicks with a classic techno punch, Vince Watson sets his sights on a deeper route filled with cranking oscillators and warm tones that appropriate its b-side positioning. Get the first listen of Vince Watson's "Maintain" remix below and grab your physical copy of Maintain available at all good shops.






PLTR011 Digital Artwork

Matthias Vogt

"Maintain" (Vince Watson Remix)

  • Polytone Recordings
  • 08/04/2014


Deep House · Electronic · Exclusive · House


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