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Paigey Cakey shines on "Day One" [Premiere]

With Iggy Azalea and Nikki Minaj ruling the female portion of the hip hop world, it’s easy to say we can feel a bit of fatigue in the lack of diversity on the radio. While there is absolutely no disrespect thrown from our side to their craft, it’s easy to say we’re more than a little hungry for a few more names in the mix.

Enter Paigey Cakey, an UK based rapper that’s got a serious flow that we can dig. She’s got an amazing presence in her newest video, and it’s easy to say we’re falling a little in love with this kick ass woman. She’s got a lot to prove, and this video we’re premiering today shows the world of potential she has as UK’s solution to the Iggy’s of the world.

Check her out below!


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