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Bass Coast's new label commences with remix EP of Natasha Kmeto [Premiere]

 Bass Coast Festival is no longer just an occasion for people to come and listen to music together. Located in Meritt, BC, this four day festival caters to music junkies, artists, young, and old. Now Bass Coast has started its own record label to help upcoming musicians by providing a stable platform for new music. The label’s first release is a remix EP of Natasha Kmeto's 2013 album, Crisis.   

The EP was composed through a remix competition that received over 200 submissions. From entries all over Europe, Canada, and the US, a final seven were selected. The EP was officially released through Bandcamp on the 15th of July. EARMILK has the whole work for you to stream. 

Ryan Wells was the winner for Natasha Kmeto’s remix competition and thus commences the EP. From the first few notes you can somewhat expect the suspense and clarity that Ryan has mastered with this track. When the beat hits you’re struck with a groovy tense tone that builds up until it takes you right back where it started. It’s not until the final minute that you finally see Natasha's vocals come piercing through. Bravo Ryan. 


 One of the slower remixes is Slope’s bass-infused edition to “Prideless”.  The track has a dreary tempo to start, as it drags along with big bass. The chorus does not come in until roughly half way, which builds into an almost jungle tempo. The track moves all over, yet does so with elegance and a beautiful composition.


Atma and Rythmicon move you slowly over Natasha's lyrics with a Massive Attack-like sensation. A fast beat comes in on the vocals to create a dreamy dnb soundscape. The use of breaks and well timed pauses makes this remix easily a highlight. 


Project Pablo’s remix is easily the most groovy track on the whole EP. It leaves Natasha’s vocals intact for the most part, but breaks down into a completely new melody around half way. 


NentÈ throws out the vocals from the start and begins on a scratchy tone. This track progresses ever so slightly, as each sound is layered on top of one another to make a harmonious blend. 


One of my personal favourite remixes on the EP is a darker take on “Deeply” by Sergio Levels. He never looses his beat, since the beginning to the end is a one continuous rhythm that is guided along by the melody. 


Player 2 was the only musician to have a remix of “Idiot proof” on the EP. The remix is brightly structured with sharp synths and an over tuned touch to the lyrics on the lyrics.  


All seven remixes chosen show an interesting spin on Natasha's soft vocals, yet have obviously been picked to display diversity. One of the most impressive aspects of this EP is how almost all the musicians that remixed a track are relatively not well known. Bass Coast has surely put effort into making their first ever release a stepping stone towards introducing new artists. 


Natasha Kmeto

2014 Remix EP

  • Bass Coast
  • 15/07/14
Bass · Dance · Dark Pop · Deep House · Exclusive


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