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Chrome Sparks brings sonic interpretations to Erik Hassle's "Pathetic" [Premiere]

Jeremy Malvin aka Chrome Sparks is best known for his sonic productions and futuristically influenced melodies. So when RCA and Erik Hassle were looking for the right man to remix the Swedish singer-songwriter’s soulful love ballad “Pathetic,” the Brooklyn based Chrome Sparks seemed like a perfect fit. Erik remarks, “I've been keeping my eyes on Chrome Sparks for a bit now. I really like his sounds and how minimal he can be. The remix turned out just as I hoped it would, and perfectly embodies how I feel when I'm driving up the California coast or in the middle of the desert at sunset.”

There’s no denying the strong feels that come with Hassles soulful vocals and heart wrenching lyrics yearning for reciprocal love and Chrome Sparks does a great job highlighting the emotional aspects of the serenade. We’ve all been there, fallen head over heels for someone or ached for something more than they can provide and this track is the soundtrack to that story. Chrome Sparks turns it into a aural burner that will have you hooked from the first push of the play button. 

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