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DJ Sliink and Trippy Turtle stay "Loyal" to the jersey club sound in this remix [Premiere]

Things that are not loyal: Lebron James, Soundcloud, Alex Rodriguez, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hoes. Things that are loyal: Our readers, Pizza, DJ Sliink and Trippy Turtle. In fashion staying loyal to their hyper-active jersey club sound the madmen Trippy Turtle and DJ Sliink have teamed up to flip “Loyal” from the super loyal nice-guy Chris Brown.

The remix features the signature fo fo fadi and squeaky bed samples that have become synonymous with Trippy’s sound. Trippy’s signature touch is tied together with the rapid muted bass hits, chopped vocal samples, and “Jersey” proclamations woven throughout the track.Together Trippy and Sliink create an insatiable remix that unlike hoes, is loyal to the sound will pushing the envelope with stylings from both artists respective catalogs.

If you are in the New York/Connecticut area be sure to catch Sliink with Brenmar, Enferno, TWRK and more at the Mohegan Sun Moonswing Pool Party in Uncansville, CT. You can read more info about the show here. Check out the track below

Dance · Electro


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6 years ago

“: DJ Sliink and Trippy Turtle stay "Loyal" to the jersey club sound in this ... - http://t.co/Fj4Lpw25WT @djsliink @trippyturtle”