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Don't let The Travelling Band's track "Passing Ships" pass you by [Premiere]

Sometimes taking a step back from recording for a couple years can really strengthen a band. For Manchester’s The Travelling Band, the last 3 years since their last big release with Screaming is Something has been time well spent. Now with The Big Defreeze set for release August 25th 2014, The Travelling Band teases us with the polished and skillfully built track “Passing Ships”.

With a soft and almost hesitant start, it’s something different for your Monday afternoon. The song, instrumentally built with piano, strings and a gradually introduced guitar, has a unique sound that offers both an expansive sound and a poppy beat. As the tempo builds the layered background vocals add substance and structure.  The Travelling Band is slated to begin touring early August.


Exclusive · Folk Rock · Indie · U.K.


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