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The impeccable Beatowski releases his brand new EP, 'Hand Crafted'

When it comes to music, especially hip hop, the instrumental is (in my eyes at least) the most important part of the track. Whilst lyrics and delivery are also extremely important, there's something about the beat and instrumentation that just instantly grabs you. Beat tapes are the perfect way to showcase your talents on the boards, and some of the greatest producers in hip hop started off making beat tapes to send to rappers.

A brand new label has emerged in recent weeks, one that was built from some of the most underrated producers in the game. Flip Recipe is the brainchild of beatsmiths Sourface, Beatowski, Riddle and Tallen, who have joined forces to set up this intriguing label. They've just released the first ever release from the imprint, with Beatowski's beautifully composed Hand Crafted EP. The ten track project, made up entirely of instrumentals, features a selection of some of the finest sample-based beats to come from the hip hop realm in recent times. With some slick and soulful tinged joints like "Now" and "Us", to the bumpin', darker tracks such such as "Doing It Right" and "One More Time", Hand Crafted features a healthy selection of boom-bap influenced instrumentals.

You can stream the entire EP over on the Flip Recipe Bandcamp, where the project can also be downloaded for free! Also be sure to follow Flip Recipe on Twitter, for all the latest music to come from this exciting new label!

Beat tape · Hip-Hop · Rap · U.K.


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