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That Girl With Dark Eyes takes it back to the 80's with "Hey Baby" [Download]

That Girl With Dark Eyes a.k.a. Tiffany Garrett Sottomayor, hails from Barcelona and has been hard at work in recent months. She released her single "Lonely as a Wolf" towards the beginning of 2014, and now she has released her latest tune, the catchy "Hey Baby." In "Hey Baby," TGWDE brings the trademark sounds of the 80's to life with energetic synth sounds, throwback guitar riffs, and drum samples.

 "She don't need nobody to love her, she don't need nobody's advice" TGWDE sings on the fetching pop tune. These days, a lot of artists are influenced by the music of the 80's but "Hey Baby" has a truly authentic sound and feel, which teleports your eardrums back in time. "Hey Baby" is a super funky record that would even make Prince himself have a flashback. Enjoy the free download of "Hey Baby" below.

Dance · Electronic · Future Funk · Pop


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