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Dr. Fresch prescribes the perfect medicine with "The Last Train To Paradise" remix

Right now the whole EDM landscape is in a weird place. Porter Robinson is all like “LOL, Fuck EDM,” and Avicii is pulling a Darius Rucker and is all like “Adios EDM, Hello honky tonks,” and then most other DJs are all like “Imma make this track deeper than the Pacific Ocean bruh,” all the while the Fat Jew is just chuckling with his leatherhouse while everyone is waiting for the drop . . . that never comes. As the cries pour out for originality only one doctor can save us and that man is Dr. Fresch. His latest remix of “The Last Train To Paradise” by KDrew blends genres together like high schoolers blended sugary smoothies at Jamba.  This remix is a mixture of future garage, deep house, jersey club and R&B that converges together in a blissful mixture of airy tones and dancy melodies. Ladies and gentlemen the wait is over, the doctor will see you now.



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