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Sex Panther and FYOR unleash an acid house lover's dream with "Turnout" [Download]

Even though I'm a devout hip hop head, you can occasionally catch me raging to the sounds of acid house at any given moment. Be it at the club, in the gym, or when I'm shopping for rainbow socks with the individual toes, as soon those punchy 303's enter my ears, my body erupts into state of euphoria akin to the portly British gentleman who stared in the now famous "Slam" video by Pendulum. Los Angeles natives Sex Panther and FYOR, the latter of which came to my attention with his sinister Michael Jackson's Halloween anthem sampled "Thriller on Acid," have created the perfect mix of squelchy sounds and dynamic, uplifting tones that'll light up any dance floor.

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/156720310"]

Their use of an ill Beastie Boys quoteable only makes this bouncy track that much better. It's one of those tracks that a rookie opening DJ might play to pump up the crowd, but instead of warming them up, they create a Pandora's Box effect where the crowd gets too crazy before the headliner goes on, eliminating their future as an opening DJ. Give this one a listen and make sure you download it; one, two, or in my case, twelve, plays simply aren't enough. 


Dance · House


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