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Leon Else is beautiful in a 'River Full of Liquor' [Premiere]

Leon Else has been gaining attention for the past year now when his first single "Protocol" hit the airwaves. Since then, the artist has been all around Milan Fashion week, being voted the Most Fashionable man there by GQ UK. Not so bad for a guy who's just now releasing his debut EP on July 8th. 

Besides all of the wonderful things that the press release told me, the songs themselves are a beautiful mix of meaningful pop and futuristic R&B. Think the Weeknd's old stuff but set in England with an equally disinterested-looking man, and Leon Else may just be what comes to mind.

River Full of Liquor definitely finds a man at the crossroads, searching through life in a tone that highlights both monotony and drama, very 2k14 to be completely honest. Overall, if you're a little down and Lana Del Rey isn't cutting it for you today, Leon Else is a must play. 

Check out the music video, as well as the EP Premiere below, and pre-order the EP via iTunes here



Electronic · R&B


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Leon Else
7 years ago

thankyou so much for the support guys it means alot :)