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Swanky Tunes enters a new musical era with "Fix Me" featuring Raign [Premiere]

Swanky Tunes is a trio who made it big in their quest to put Russian big room house music on the map with its own distinct sound. But it seemed that as the world was learning about dance music on a bigger and bigger scale, that sound was put on hold for some time to allow for some musical exploration into the harder, festival-geared tracks that have really held many listeners' attention for the past year. Today and over the past few months, we've seen Vadim Shpak, Dmitry Burykin, and Stanislav Zaytsev really find their new voice as Swanky Tunes, falling somewhere in between the sound they had at their start and that of their more recent releases. Still maintaining the big room focus on melody, this feels like the place that the guys will really hit their stride, especially with their next release "Fix Me" featuring the vocals of Raign. Fusing their sound with something new – a taste of the retro - "Fix Me" is everything that a dance track needs to remind us of the breadth of sound that still is available in club music, without pounding it over the head. Check out our exclusive first listen below, and look forward to the official release on Beatport via Flamingo Recordings on July 21st.


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Hamonuu Tifetakugai
6 years ago

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6 years ago

Great review“: Swanky Tunes enters a new musical era with "Fix Me" featuring Raign [Premiere] - http://t.co/0d8V7bmozl @swankytunes”