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Moonbootica "Shine (The Movie)" bright [Video/Interview]

Based out of Hamburg, Germany, Moonbootica are nu-disco/electro duo that are well on their way towards making a splash in the US. Already having a large following in Europe, in support of three well-received studio albums, the duo recently released their These Days Are Gone EP via Sony/Four Music in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with a worldwide release just around the corner. 

In complimenting the EP, Moonbootica have released a music video, entitled "Shine (The movie)", directed by the LA directing team Skinny. Filmed throughout the LA landscape, the video revolves around youth, sickness and escape, where the main character, a young female, goes through the motions of a typical day of hanging out. With a few twists and turns along the way the video ends in the girl being taken away in the back of a cop car with a smile on her face.


We were lucky to catch up with the two DJs behind Moonbootica, KoweSix and Tobitob, for a few questions. Our interview outlines the video, their current musical tastes and what to expect in the near future from the duo.


EARMILK: How is it going?
Moonbootica: Excellent. Thank you!
EM: How did you choose the tracks featured in the video?
Moonbootica: We thought they would perfectly represent the musical variety of our new album ‘Shine’, as well as build up the necessary tension in the video.
EM: Who came up with the story/idea behind the video?
Moonbootica: It was mostly Skinny’s idea with a little help from us. We’ve worked with them on ‘Iconic’ before and we knew they were the right guys to work on ‘Shine’. Actually, our initial idea was to have a love story with an epic car chase, but the guys insisted that we do a motorcycle chase instead. Even cooler!
EM: Why did you guys decide to work with director Skinny on this video?
Moonbootica: We saw some of their other music videos and wanted to work with them right away. They have this sense of authenticity, especially when it comes to choosing the right cast. Since we’ve worked with them on “Iconic” and were all thrilled with the final results, it was an easy decision to work with them again.
EM: Tell us a bit about your new EP?
Moonbootica: It features the two tracks (and remixes) from the video and it is basically a preview to our forthcoming album ’Shine’. ‘These Days are Gone’ is a perfect melodic summer tune, and ‘Beats & Lines’ is more of a club banger that is meant to get the crowd moving. We feel honored, because some of our favorite producers (Chordashian, Keith & Supabeatz, Surrender!, Tagteam Terror) were able to put their own spin on our tracks. They’re all brilliant remixes!
EM: What are a few of your favorite songs/artist to be recently released?
Moonbootica: We are really into Gramatik and Oliver at the moment. Also, we can’t wait for our favorite band’s album, Jungle, to drop soon. Our friends, RESET!, have just released their debut album, which we’ve been enjoying a lot as well. There’s just too many to name.
EM: Any words of advice/wisdom to your fans?
Moonbootica: Love life and keep on doing the right thing!


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Nancy Byron
6 years ago

Don’t let the song title fool ya. This is a powerful new video ::: http://t.co/THpxtYmVkd @RealJoynerLucas “Half N*gga”