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Premiere: Easy Yves Saint rushes to get the "Juice" in new video

"Juice" isn't a song for those excited to be stagnant; loafing around their mother's basement, on their day off, only worrying about what is going to land on their dinner plate. Nor is it aimed at the comfortably rich and famous; driving their latest Bugatti, without a single care in the world. Only people on their grind or hustling should consume this record, like its creator Easy Yves Saint. "I got, I want, I need some more" is chanted towards the end, which succinctly captures this ambition and unyielding drive of this emcee towards his goal—while making a pretty catchy motto in the process. 

Easy Yves Saint hails from Houston, a fact that isn't made explicitly apparent from "Juice". Take Chance The Rapper's song of the same name, then make it more intense and urgent; drop the old school horns and pianos, they aren't needed on this go round. Synthesizer shoot around at almost the speed of light while equally agile 808's pound at every mention of "juice". Once the high octane chorus hits, be prepared for necks to start snapping, as bodies attempt to catch the rhythm. 

However, Saint seems perfectly at home spitting over this production. Smoothly weaving cool bars into it, rather effortlessly. Perhaps, one of the most impressive series of lines appear when he flips 2Pac's role in the movie Juice into a metaphor for money. It is a sly shout out to a film that is definitely in hip hop's canon, while transforming the traditional meaning of juice in rap lexicon. 

The video captures the energy of the song in an interesting way. Using quick shots of the rapper and friends taking in different activities around the city, all of which toe the line of illegality. Motorcycles zoom pass on one wheel, women are twerking, forties are being consumed, and a game of  high risk dice is being played, it is a pure adrenaline rush from the beginning. Towards the end though, viewers see the potential cost of this lifestyle, when shots ring out at his party. It is shocking imagery, especially in  the stark black and white.

"Juice" is only one cut from Easy Yves Saint EP, Sincerely Yves. If you enjoyed it, you should definitely check out the full project on his Soundcloud page, where he has some older work archived as well. 

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