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Nôze makes Pablo Nouvelle's 'Invading My Mind' extra cool with his latest remix

Nôze has taken on official remix duties for Black Butter Records new underground rising star, Pablo Nouvelle. Remixing the third track from his upcoming EP “Invading My Mind”, Nôze turns the record into a deep sinister soul sister of the original. A hauntingly beautiful reverb’d intro, tantalizing vocals provided by Fiona Daniel and a wicked underlying bassline makes this remix extra cool.

Nôze (Nicolas Sfintescu (aka DJ Freak) and Ezechiel Pailhes) have been defining their own new school of French tech-house ever since their first show at Sonar in 2008 and their latest remix falls right in line with their style. Give it a spin and let this remix invade your mind in all the right ways. 



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