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Oknai wants us to venture through a "Cloud Forest" [Premiere]

Today we've got an awesome premiere fresh off the coasts of Costa Rica from the brilliant producer Oknai. Contrasting between the light-hearted image of living along the beach and the darkness of this track, "Cloud Forest" isn't exactly the dreamy lighthearted song that would be expected. On the contrary, it carries its roots in the dark electronic underworld, paired with brilliant synths and floaty drumwork, the track is mild in nature but a force in spirit. 

This is track 8 from his debut album, which will feature 14 other brilliant songs just like this one. With a little hip hop, a little electronic, and a little Costa Rican flair, "Cloud Forest" is a brilliant piece of work that we at EARMILK are proud to present. 




Cloud Forest

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  • June 19, 2014


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