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Kojey Radical premieres his brilliant new EP 'Dear Daisy : Opium' [Premiere]

The world of spoken word isn't one I've delved into frequently I'll admit, but theres something truly captivating about the art form of freely speaking your words.

One Londoner is excelling at this, and as we exclusively bring you the premiere of his latest project Dear Daisy : Opium, it's about time you sat down and listened to Kojey Radical. The UK wordsmith has taken the scene by storm, with his unique brand of spoken word proving to be a huge hit amongst fans and critics alike. Kojey is more than just your average poet, as he swings in and out of tempos, flirting with different styles and genres whilst adding in instrumentation to really back up his words.

His latest project, Dear Daisy : Opium, see's the young London native touch up on the poignant topics of love, social media, religion and many more, all bundled up into one truly mesmerizing project. The 7 track EP is emersed beautiful instrumentation, produced by the likes of Jay Prince, KZ and Melo.Zed, with each instrumental adding an extra dimension to the words penned by Kojey.

You can stream Dear Daisy : Opium in it's entirety below, and be sure to keep an eye out for the capsule collection being made in collaboration with fashion label Chelsea Bravo, which will be using visuals produced by The Rest.

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Kojey Radical

Dear Daisy

  • Self-Released
  • 18th June, 2014
Exclusive · Spoken Word · U.K.


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